Marquee Concierge Care and the NFL’s 88 Plan for Former Players

Marquee Concierge Care and the NFL’s 88 Plan for Former Players

The National Football League offers a variety of continuing healthcare benefits for its former players. Among them is a specialized program for retired players who suffer from dementia, known as the 88 Plan. Named after NFL legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee John Mackey (who wore jersey number 88 while playing for the Baltimore Colts), it provides eligible NFL alumni some financial reimbursement for certain healthcare costs.

At Marquee Concierge Care, we specialize in distinguished services for 88 Plan participants. Our founder’s father is a former player with a 50-year NFL career and four Super Bowl rings who is now on the 88 Plan. We’re well acquainted with the process of applying for and receiving benefits, as well as the unique lifestyle of former professional football players. 

Who’s Eligible for the 88 Plan?

The 88 Plan is for former NFL players vested under the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan due to credited seasons or to receiving total and permanent disability benefits under this plan. 

To qualify for 88 Plan benefits, the player must be diagnosed with vascular dementia; dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease, head trauma, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, HIV, Pick’s disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, other general medical conditions, multiple etiologies where substance abuse is not the primary cause; or dementia not otherwise specified.

How Can Marquee Concierge Care Help? 

We answer any questions you have, help secure the benefits your loved one is entitled to, and assist with tailoring just the right care strategy. But the true value of our services goes far beyond paperwork and logistics. 

Your family member’s care professional is highly trained to provide white glove-style services, restaurant quality meals and to help your loved one find meaning in each day. They cater to the lifestyle your loved one is accustomed to, with a focus on the activities and interests of those whose careers revolved around the gridiron.

Our Concierge Care Professionals are also specifically trained for dementia care. Find peace of mind knowing your family member is kept safe while always treated with the high level of dignity and respect he deserves.

We’re also trusted, insightful advisors in monitoring your loved one’s condition. We stay in close contact with you, regularly re-evaluate the situation, and help you through the complicated decisions that come with the changing needs of continuing care.    

From attending to personal care tasks, keeping on top of a prescription regimen, helping around the house and with daily tasks, preparing nutritious chef-caliber meals, driving to medical appointments, accompanying your loved one to a football game, or anything else that’s important, count on superior service dedicated to the greatest quality of life.    

An Overview of 88 Plan Coverage 

  • The 88 Plan doesn’t provide any healthcare, referral, or insurance services; it’s only a reimbursement program
  • Expenses covered include institutional care, physician services, prescription and medical equipment costs, and in-home care provided by a third party
  • Reimbursement isn’t offered for expenses paid by another party, such as a private insurance carrier, employer, or government agency
  • Annual coverage ranges from $118,000 to $130,000
  • Participants must submit claims invoices to the Benefits Administrator of the 88 Plan; Marquee Concierge Care serves as your representative
  • Benefits are paid for the duration of the former player’s life

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Marquee Concierge Care offers comprehensive non-medical in-home care services. We provide the highest quality care from the highest caliber professional caregivers. In addition to your loved one's enrichment and safety, we emphasize their continued enjoyment of the lifestyle they are accustomed to, all without having to sacrifice your own.

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